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BASIC KETCHWORD: Any alphanumeric combination that is NOT a Dictionary word or Proper Name (Ex: TEACH4LEADS)

PREMIUM KETCHWORD: Any Alphanumeric combination that IS a Dictionary word or Proper Name (Ex: TEACH, JOHN, MEXICO)

ONE TIME USE: Ketchword is active for only 1 month; most often used for a single event 


🗹 You plan on speaking on stage (physical or digital) or be a guest on a podcast, radio or TV shows 🗹
🗹 ​Know that there are always prospects in your audiences and you are TIRED of keeping them a mystery 🗹
🗹 ​Already have a Lead Magnet or Audience Gift (PDF) to offer your audience🗹 
​🗹 Want to capture the email address of over 50% of your audiences CONSISTENTLY 🗹

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Ketchwords is used by companies or all sizes due to it's best-in-class compliance review process. 
We thank you for your patience as all content is reviewed to ensure we can continue to serve the global public ethically with this unique & powerful information distribution platform.

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