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May Be In The Audience..."


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If you are an expert who LOVES to share your knowledge...
It's Time To Uplevel Your Lead Gen Game!!!

"I gave a keynote last weekend and used my Ketchword for the first time. 88% of my audience texted my Ketchword. 88%! I realize that may not happen all of the time but it feels good to know that many people wanted more of what I had to offer. I can't wait to follow up with people that actually showed interest!"
-Lauren Schieffer, Executive Leadership Expert

"A Ketchword is not just about using texting in your business. Wanda (the founder) is really an EXPERT MARKETER and is a very impact-driven person so, when they helped us craft our campaigns, it's all about service to the audience. The process/strategy helped me develop a clearer, highly attractive message and gave me even more confidence that what I am offering my audience is a top-notch experience, like the work WE do for our clients."
-Brian Rassi, Co-Founder of enstigate

"Although it wasn't the main reason I got a Ketchword, I figured I would use it for a 5 Minute Networking Intro opportunity I had as a sponsor.  I was shocked how well it worked! 63% of the group texted after I shared the intro I worked out with the Ketch team.  I have never walked out of a networking event with that many leads."
-Nettie Owens, Founder & CEO of The Sappari Group

"I was worried that the organization I was keynoting for would not allow me to offer something for my audience to text, but Ketch was so focused on making sure that my Value Bomb was of such service to the audience that the conference organizers actually thanked me for offering extra value!  Oh, and 72% of my audience texted.  That meant people LISTENED and that made my day!"
-Kris Girrell, Executive Leadership Coach


 A Custom Keyword For Your Audiences To Easily Connect With You

It's never been easier to connect with those audience members that are really inspired by your message.  No need to wonder who that person is... nodding yes in agreement, taking pictures of your slides or scribbling down notes like a fiend.  Offering VALUE through a simple texting process makes it easy for THEM to act fast and for YOU to continue sharing the brilliant knowledge you have to offer.

 Done-For-You Strategic Email Copywriting and Email Design

We know what it takes to stop an audience in their tracks and have them say "IMPRESSIVE!" 
All you need to do is provide us with your attachment (we like to call it a Value Bomb). Our White Glove Service Team will design and write an intro email that will expertly entice your audience to read and appreciate your attachment. Our Client's enjoy an average email open rate of over 150%!

 Done-For-You Tech Set-Up and Testing For Best In Class Results

Getting an average of 150% email open rate is not just about copy...it's about tech.  Our White Glove Service means that you don't need to learn ANY software. Our team keeps up to date on all the changing technology, firewall issues and compliance rules to optimize your campaign's delivery and provide the best results in the industry.

 Dedicated Service With A Personally Assigned Account Manager

At Ketch, we know the kinds of results our Clients can get, but there are a lot of moving parts required to get you there.  Your dedicated Account Manager is available to answer your questions and is there to ensure your White Glove Service Team delivers what you need. Imagine being able to actually contact a PERSON to answer your questions?

  Detailed Analytics to Immediately See Who Your Next Client May Be

The Ketch Dashboard provides you with access to multiple views of your Subscriber data.  See who requested your Ketchword and when.  Evaluate open rates and click-throughs to your calendar link or funnel.  Download Subscriber email addresses for Subscriber follow-up. Use this data to analyze trends and see which appearances were really worth it!


 BONUS #1: Access Expert Marketing And Campaign Building Strategies

Access The Vault, an on-line archive holding value packed strategy videos typically provided only to our Premium and Pro Clients. These trainings unveil the next level planning that has helped clients get up to 92% Live Audience Response Rates, when sharing their Ketchwords.  The secrets of how to craft a BEST-IN-CLASS Value Bomb (vs a an every day Lead Magnet) are essential to getting the most out of your Ketchword. 

 BONUS #2: Show Up Like A Pro with A Branded Virtual Background

Our experience has shown that an audience is most likely to text your Ketchword if they HEAR you offer it, as well as, SEE it. Our Professional Design Team will craft 2 images for you to use as a Zoom or StreamYard background: one with your Call to Action and one without. Not only is a Branded Virtual Background an easy way to visually share your Ketchword in digital meetings, but it clearly tells your colleagues and audience that you mean business.  


 Can I pick any word as a Ketchword?

The short answer is YES but, like a URL or domain name, there is limited supply!  Getting a Basic Ketchword allows you to reserve an alphanumeric code (meaning any combo of letters and words) that is NOT a Dictionary word or Proper Noun. A Dictionary word or Proper Noun are considered PREMIUM Ketchwords and are in high demand.  It is pretty easy to get creative with a Basic Ketchword BUT, if you are interested in a Premium Ketchword, buy your Basic Ketchword and please ask your Account Manager about upgrading.

Ex: LEADS is a premium Ketchword; MYLEADS, 4LEADS or LEADS4U are basic Ketchwords because they are not Dictionary words or Proper Nouns.

 How quickly can I get my Ketchword?

If you already have your attachment ready our average turnaround is 5 business days. This gives us time to craft your email, have you review it and launch the tested campaign.  Please let your Account Manager know if you have an event coming up and need a rush, your Ketchword can be up and running in as little as 3 business days. 

 What can I attach to my Ketchword Campaign?

You can attach a PDF, Word Document, PowerPoint slides, Excel Spreadsheet, Image, Audio or Video File. We will provide you with file specifications that will help your email pass through most email firewalls and optimize deliverability. Over 95% of Ketchword campaigns deliver PDFs.

 Is this the same as other texting apps like Community or SuperPhone?

No. Ketchwords is a unique texting platform invented in 2009 and is not the same as many other great texting communication platforms.  Texting can be used in many ways: for conversation, voting, donating, payment, delivery alerts, appointment setting and more.  

OUR specialty is texting for CONTENT and we are the pioneers of this usage.  

The Ketchword platform was invented in 2009 to specifically deliver high value content into the email inboxes of people who wanted it NOW.  It uniquely delivers a text + email + attachment in response to a single Ketchword. It is also the ONLY texting platform that provides service across the globe.  In other words, your Ketchword can be texted in ANY country around the world using texting OR WhatsApp. This is perfect for those presentations and videos that may be shared on the internet.

Our clients use and are encouraged to use other texting platforms to fulfill the other needs of their business. We may even be able to help with some recommendations!
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